Our Farmers Insurance Agency can help you save money off your auto insurance even with a DUI on your driving record!

Please call us today (716) 389-2422 or fill out the form below to see how much you can save off your auto insurance if you have a DUI!

We understand the troubles of finding a quality auto insurance company with a reasonable price after being convicted of a DUI. Many of the other top auto insurance companies will give you prices that are extremely high and some may not want to insure you at all if you have a DUI. So many people end up paying a hefty broker fee just to have a broker find a company which you actually never even heard of!

We can help you with your auto insurance if you have a DUI!

Please don’t panic because Farmers insurance agency specializes in helping drivers with a DUI save money on their auto insurance! Our auto insurance rates are the lowest in the industry for drivers with a DUI.

So please give us a call today (716) 389-2422 and we will make auto insurance FAST, EASY and AFFORDABLE for you even if you have a DUI on your driving record!

Why are we able to save you money if you have a DUI

We are using Farmers’ newest rating system called “Farmers Specialty Auto” which is saving many drivers with a DUI save money off their auto insurance needs so we are very confident we can help you as well!

We encourage you to compare us to other top quality insurance companies such as State Farm, AAA Auto Club and Allstate so you can see how much lower we are compared to them if you have a DUI on your driving record. From our research we found out that our auto insurance rates are by far the lowest for drivers with a DUI compared to these other insurance companies.

Agents at our Farmers Insurance Agency are experts in helping you save money if you have a DUI by making sure we apply all the discounts you qualify for. We will also go over coverage options in detail to make sure you understand which coverage you are choosing so you are comfortable with both your coverage and your price you pay for insurance policy.

Best of all we promise to never charge any of our clients broker fees like many other insurance companies do when you have a DUI which is completely unnecessary in our opinion. Since we are looking out for your best interest and truly care about you we will not charge you any extra fees that you do not have to pay like what many brokers do when you have a DUI.

Please feel free to give our agency a call (716) 389-2422 so we can see how much money we can save you if you have a DUI!